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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The NBA is Encouraging Player Movement

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving

Player Movement Explained

When you look at the recent player movement in the NBA it seems like the Players have gained power and are tired of teams not capitalizing on their talent. The media paints it as the players taking control over their own destiny, making sure they win rings before retiring. Most announcers make it seem like ex players that didn't win championships are not great players. If you look at player movement, who is actually the big winner? When players move teams it leads to more jersey sales and more excitement in the NBA. This year sports shows have covered basketball almost into football season which is unheard of. Not only that but how exactly do the players win in player movement when they take less money and have no guarantee of winning championships. Then when the players do win championships they don't get the respect they deserve.

The Fake Incentives

The league just set new rules that provide incentives to players who are willing to stay on the team that drafted them. If you read the rules it seems like players are turning down over 50 million dollars to play on different teams. The common fan will look at these NBA players as if they are crazy. Who in their right mind turns down hundreds of millions of dollars to play with their friends. The thing is these players get more endorsements and make that money back in many other ways. If you look at the last few years of NBA sales, you will see that they have gradually gone up. The NBA is filling every fans inner kids dream of fantasy basketball in real life. This is how you get teams with Kevin Durant and Kyrie, and Lebron in La, and Kawhi and PG on the Clippers. Player movement won't end anytime soon and the NBA will make sure of it.

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