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Thursday, August 15, 2019

King James vs. Air Jordan who is the Goat?

lebron is better than jordan

The Debate

Lebron versus Jordan is the debate that keeps on coming. If you are watching your morning sporting news or reading in your facebook groups one thing is apparent there a few that lean on the side of Michael Jordan and others who lean on the side of Lebron James. One thing is for certain Lebron is the only player after Jordan has retired to actually make this conversation worth having. As good as Kobe Bryant was no one would make the case for him being better than Jordan when his game was almost identical. In this article I will make a case for each and then award who I think is the Greatest Of All Time(GOAT) at the end of the article.

The case for Lebron James

Lebron in what would have been his freshman year in college was able to be the best player on his team and lead them in scoring while Jordan was a valuable role player at North Carolina. Lebron also has an advantage when it comes to strength, rebounding, and passing. Not only is Lebron as skilled as Jordan he has the matching athleticism in a bigger body. Lebron has also carried teams to the finals that Jordan would not have been able to carry. Jordans teams where still successful after he left for baseball. Lebron also has never had the level of coaching as Jordan. A case can be made that Jordan never won against truly elite competition. Jordan didn't beat Bird and Magic in their primes. Jordans organization did more to surround him with talent than Lebron James did until he decided to take matters in his own hand. The era that Lebron plays basketball in is a more talented error than Jordans and with the addition of zone defense Lebron isn't able to go one on one every play or kick it out to wide open players.

The case for Michael Jordan

Jordan dominated his era. Jordan never lost in the finals and has 6 finals mvp awards. Jordan had the edge in mentality and leadership. Jordan is probably the single greatest competitor in sports history. Jordan never left his team to make a super team, his teams where built organically. Jordan also demanded his teammates play at a higher level while some times Lebron tends to pout. If it came down to the last shot for your life most people would take Jordan over anyone else who ever played. Jordan also came into the NBA much more ready for the NBA and his mid range game was much more polished than Lebrons. Jordan has never had a finals performance like Lebron did against the mavs.


Lebron James is the greatest basketball player to ever play the game of basketball. He has the athleticism of Jordan with the body of Karl Malone. If you get rid of the legacy and you give GM's the right to draft Jordan out of college or Lebron out of high school I am betting almost of all the GM's select Lebron. Jordans legacy is heightened by two things weak competition and great coaching. Phil Jackson is a top three coach of all time. Jordan has zero championships without Phil Jackson. If you take away the triangle and Phils coaching your looking at the greatest scorer of all time not the greatest player. I believe those who go with Jordan in this debate are just overwhelmed by the legacy. Lebrons legacy will never match Jordan's. Matter of fact I am not sure another player will have a chance to dominate like Jordan to the popularity of basketball. The talent level keeps getting better and better and unlike the 80s and early 90's players are not overdosing on drugs. There you have it Lebron James is the GOAT.

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