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Friday, August 23, 2019

Atlanta Hawks and the Warriors Blueprint

Atlanta Hawks basketball

The Warriors blueprint

It is not secret that the Hawks have built their team with the Golden State Warriors in mind. They have taken former members of Golden States staff. If you take a look at the roster you can see the resemblance to players skill sets. The Hawks focus on shooting and spacing the floor. Trae Young is the Hawks Steph Curry, Kevin Huerter is their Klay Thompson, Deandre Hunter is their Draymond Green, Bruno Fernando is their Javal Mcgee,John Collins and Cam Reddish are the wild cards who can take them to the Kevin Durant lead Warriors level where its just to much fire power for one team to deal with. The only thing holding the Hawks back now is inexperience. We all saw how the Hawks played in the last half of the season last year and their star players will only get better. At the moment John Collins and Trae Young are on the verge of all star status. If a couple of other players pan out this team will be deadly. After early struggles Trae Young has settled into the NBA nicely and you can expect his scoring to go up significantly in year two. I also expect big leaps from Kevin Huerter. He had a surprising rookie year and I think he will only build on that.

The Hawks Next Steps

For the Hawks to progress into a championship caliber team like the warriors did over the last half decade they must accomplish a few steps. First they must reach the playoffs. Reaching the playoffs this year might be a stretch but they should make it by year 3 of the Trae Young era. After making the playoffs the next year they will need to win a playoff series and at least be competitive in a semi finals round playoff. In about 5 years they should be legitimate contenders in the east. To get their they will need to keep their players and make sure coaching knows how to use their talent. If they manage to keep their young players your looking at their oldest player probably being 27 in 5 years and already in their championship window. They probably have the most potential out of any team in the NBA they will need to leverage player development to reach that potential but if they do this will be an all time team if not they will be remember in the same light as the Darius Miles, Lamar Odom Clippers.

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